Canada Plans To Legalize Marijuana For Recreational Purpose

Canada Plans To Legalize Marijuana For Recreational Purpose

Marijuana or Cannabis has always been in controversy if it should be considered as a Drug or a plant. Marijuana has been legalized in major cities of US and many other countries worldwide. Currently, states like Washington, Oregon, Colorado have legalized recreational use of marijuana and the newly cities voting for legalizing marijuana are California, Nevada etc. The decision country which is on the verge of legalizing the usage of marijuana for recreational purpose is Canada.

The current Government confirmed that the proposal to legalize marijuana would be introduced in the parliamentary house to pass as a bill in April and it should be introduced as a law by July in 2018. Justice Minister Jody Wilson-Raybould confirmed that the procedure would be very strict to legalizing marijuana with proper consultation and supervision of the marijuana task force which would consist of nine individuals and would be headed by Anne McLellan and Bill Blair, former Toronto Police Chief.

The task force would conduct a formal research on individuals, consultation with rehabilitation centres to understand the addiction level and side effects on individuals, surveys would be conducted among the youth to understand their stand on this decision of legalizing marijuana. Based on the reports and findings, the bill would be passed by July 2018.

Legalizing marijuana has to be a very thoughtful process since there are lot of issue like stopping kids and youth from consumption, black marketing of the plant needs to be handled in an effective way. The rules and regulations would be set for carrying and consumption of cannabis. There would be other parameters which the seller needs to be fulfilled like it cannot be sold at the same shop or nearby area where alcohol or tobacco products are sold. An individual can carry up to 30 gms of marijuana for his own recreational purpose but any things above that would be termed illegal.

Ideally, the minimum age limit to be decided should be above 25 years old because a human brain tends to be developing till this age. But doing so would increase the illegally selling to the youth in the age group of 21 to 25. This would again destroy the complete purpose of legalizing the plant for recreational purpose.

Currently Growing or smoking pot is illegal in Canada, until it for medical purpose and has a prescription to support the argument. But things seem to look positive with this first step taken by the liberal government to legalize marijuana. However, the marijuana lovers need to wait until July 2018 to hear the final decision from the Government.