Morgan Stanley has an Optimistic Attitude Towards Tesla’s Model 3 Car Future in Stock Market

Morgan Stanley has an Optimistic Attitude Towards Tesla’s Model 3 Car Future in Stock Market

Tesla is on the verge of launching their Sedan mass-market car Model 3 soon. Tesla would begin the production of this model in May and have raised whooping funds of $1.15 billion to support the production activity. According to Morgan Stanley analyst Adam Jones–This Tesla’s Model 3 car is supposed to be 10 times safer than any average car on the road with the new improved and advance hardware and software installed in it.”

If this been true Tesla’s model 3 car is expected to reduce the accident probability by nearly 90% and expected to grab the attention of the audience and increase sales. This would ultimately affect the auto insurance industry and the second hand used car sector affecting their sales. These predictions of Jones are based on the detailed analysis of the hardware and software installed in the Tesla’s Model 3 car.

According to the analysis, Tesla’s Models 3 car is supposed to have a robust suit radar and more efficient autopilot technology, along with cameras and sensors. This feature of auto-pilot was introduced by the company in 2015 just as a semi-autonomous feature and has been continuously trying to improve its efficiency. Tesla’s model 3 car is supposed to be high on tech end facilities with the best of the advance technological features with maximum safety measures.

Customers have the option to either the autopilot enhanced one or the full self-driving one which is more robust. Other facilities provided in the Tesla’s model 3 car are ultrasonic sensors, radar, and a super computer which has the capacity to process data 40 times faster than the usual one and eight cameras. According to a tweet by Elon Musk, the company’s major agenda is to reduce the probability of accidents by nearly 90% with their new improved auto-pilot advancement and new improved software technologies.

Looking at the facilities and usage of the high-end technologies, the new improved Tesla’s Model 3 car looks to have a very promising future for the company both in terms of revenue as well as the stock price in the market. Jones have been very optimistic about the stock price of the Tesla after the launch and production of the car once it is out for sales in the market available for the consumers to purchase. Ultimately the rise in the total sales of the car would increase the stock price.