Including Avocados And Bananas In Diet Can Keep the Risk Of Heart Disease At Bay

Heart disease including strokes, heart attacks is claiming a life of many people globally. Many research studies are conducted in this field to protect an individual from the risk of heart disease. More often health experts recommend the consumption of healthy diet and proper exercise which can keep such diseases at bay. The consumption of bananas and avocados is a natural way to keep away the risk of heart disease.

These fruits like avocados and bananas are rich in potassium which can prevent the clogging and hardening of arteries which ultimately results in heart attacks. The popularity of avocado is increasing day-by-day due to a large number of beneficial nutrients which it holds. However, this fruits should be prepared properly and handled with care as it can result in avocado hand. Apart from bananas and avocados, other food items like yogurt, fish, meat, and citrus fruits should be consumed.

According to a new research study conducted by the researchers from the University of Alabama, the consumption of avocado has gained huge popularity. This research proves that the consumption of potassium-rich avocado plays a major role in keeping our heart healthy. This fruit prevents the hardening of arteries and its calcification which is the major reason behind heart disease.

During the study, the researchers studied the impact of apolipoprotein in the mice who were suffering from cardiovascular disease. These mice were then fed with potassium-based diet having the high, medium and low amount of potassium content. It was seen that the mice belonging to the low-potassium group have shown calcification of arteries which is the risk factor of heart disease.

In contrary the mice who consumed high-potassium diet have not shown any signs of calcification, thereby keeping the risk of heart disease at bay. This study shows the importance of potassium consumption which can obtain through the consumption of bananas and avocados.

This was the first study to show the impact of the high amount of potassium consumption on the heart’s health. It is seen that people aged over 65 usually suffer from calcification of arteries which is dangerous and can lead to a heart disorder. Every year more than millions of people suffer from heart disease. Hence it is recommended that the consumption of bananas, avocados and other potassium-rich food items should be included in our diet. The study related to this has been published in the journal JCI Insight.