Children Playing Outdoors Care More About Nature, Suggests Study

Children Playing Outdoors Care More About Nature, Suggests Study

Urging kids to play outside is an efficient way to protect the environment. According to new study children who play outside grow up as adults that love and care for nature.
The research was conducted at the University of British Columbia Okanagan and the findings were published in the Australian Journal of Environmental Education.

Kids playing outside are aware of the environment protection

The researchers conducted a survey about positive experiences in nature. As per the results, 87 percent of the participants who played outside as children replied that they continued to love nature as young adults. Among this group, 84 percent of the nature lovers announced that protecting the environment is the necessity.

During the research, the scientists interviewed 50 university students, aged between 18 to 25 and all the females said that they loved nature. Also, 87 percent of the males reported the same.

The researchers urge that awareness programs among young people are mandatory for this population to develop a mentality towards environment protection and be aware of the benefits of being a responsible citizen.

“The results demonstrated a link between childhood experiences in nature and later views of and actions towards the environment. The links between spoken views about caring for the environment and environmentally friendly measures were amazing. But, actions did not necessarily fit with beliefs,” stated the research.

The more research was needed to be carried out in order to determine whether the findings of this study were somewhat coincidental or is it applicable on a wider scale.

Should the results of this study be universally applied?

The findings could enhance our ways of raising children that are more environmentally responsible. This type of information could benefit the nations across the globe because it can help an international team of environmentalists in creating more beneficial programs.

Children and environmental education

A past study conducted among third and fifth-grade participants in the Open Spaces as Learning Places program in Connecticut revealed that there is a positive effect when it comes to students’ awareness of the environment.

The study revealed that children have more interest in understanding and solving environmental problems.