Closing of couple of job centers will affect 750 jobs in the UK

Losing a job is one of the toughest situation in an employee’s life. Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) have announced that they are either going to merge or close their job centers that will have a drastic effect on 750 jobs in the United Kingdom. Out of the total job centers, 68 of them are going to form a single unit. Four of them will be shifted to a new location while rest of the 40 will be hand over to the government companies.

Other four offices will be completely shut down. DWP proposes to situate 6 corporate offices in six metro cities of the UK building a brand-new office in Manchester. Due to this change, most of the claims and applications will be accepted online. While in the case of other critical concerns you can get the help from employment ministry. Job centers were whole and soul of a number of unemployed employees. So, they are the people who have suffered a lot.

The government will be always available if people have any doubts in the advancement of their work. This decision would lead to shutting down of around 70 branches. The general secretary of the union says it will exclude physically ill, handicapped and incapacitated people. This group of people will find it difficult to get access to the service and will put their jobs at high risk.

The changes will affect jobs of a number of people but will reduce the task of the offices as everything will be done online. Some of the job centers are getting merged with other local systems so that customers will get proper service from the government body and other employees.

To offer a proper service, the DWP bodies are hiring more 2,500 employees. The decision of closing the job centers clearly reveals that government is not really bothered for helping people so that they could get protected and highly paid jobs.

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