All Futuristic iPhone Devices Expected to Roll Out In 2017 Will Flaunt It’s 3 GB RAM

iPhoneLately, the iPhone 7 Plus was shipped with an additional gigabyte of RAM compared to iPhone 7. Just providing the users with larger screen iPhone as seen in the case of iPhone 8 will not be seen in the upcoming iPhones. Hence, Apple has to think of other ways to grab the user’s attention.

Apple is expected to launch its three-new iPhone in 2017 dubbed as iPhone 7s, the iPhone 7s Plus and the iPhone 8.

The leaked specifications and features provide an insight into what additional perks the device will offer to its users. Also, Apple was not very keen in improving the memory capacity of its smartphones but these improvements are expected in futuristic smartphones. The 3 upcoming smartphones will be shipped with 3 GB RAM.

These devices will also resolve the battery issues by providing fast battery charging capacity.

iPhone 8, iPhone 7s Plus and iPhone 7s to feature 3 GB RAM

There are many rumors based on the hardware specifications of all 3 iPhones that will be launched in September. The TrendForce reports that iPhone 8 will feature a 5.8-inch screen and 3GB RAM while iPhone 7s and iPhone 7s Plus will have 2 GB RAM.

A research note from Timothy Arcuri, the company analyst also stated its expected storage specification. If Timothy’s notes are assumed to be true, the 10th edition of Apple known as iPhone 8 or iPhone X will provide 3 GB RAM.

This news may disappoint users because they were expecting a minimum storage capacity of 64 GB. But one should note that these are just assumptions from different sources.

Arcuri also stated that the upcoming iPhone 8 may provide 2 storage options to its users namely 64 GB and 256 GB.

All three devices are expected to have lightning ports that will support Type-C USB power delivery, this step will enhance the charging capacity of the devices.

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