Moto G5 Device Could be Available in Blue Sapphire Color Soon

Moto G5 device could be available in blue sapphire color soon

Rumors says that the Moto G5 handset could possibly get a new look, which may amaze smartphone lovers. Lenovo based Motorola launched its flagship smartphones Moto G5 and Moto G5 Plus at the Mobile World Congress (MWC) in this February. Both the smartphones were launched in two colors, basically Lunar Gray and Fine Gold.

Is new color arriving for Moto G5?

It is seen that Moto G5 is gearing up to add a blue shade to its currently available options. Tipster Roland Quandt has shared the expected official image of the Moto G5 in the rumored Blue Sapphire option.

Quandt shared the image via Twitter and the image shows the Moto G5 dominating the rumored color. The bezels present on the front are still black as per the leaked image. The rear panel of the smartphone is in blue, which gives it more stylish and unique look.

The leaked picture also shows that the side buttons of the phone are in blue and the earphone speaker has blue hues along its side. These images also show the slightly curved back panel of the device.

There have not been any updates about the speculated blue variant of Moto G5. It is expected that the price will remain same as the Lunar Gray and Fine Gold variants of the mobile phone.

Various blue-colored smartphones

The Moto G5 is not the only phone available in blue color. Presently, there are several other phones available in this color. The example of such smartphone is the Honor 8 which also has Sapphire Blue color option.

The Samsung Galaxy S7 edge is also available in a dark blue hue. The blue color looks fascinating with the gold trim at the edges. The Google Pixel has a Really Blue color option.

The Royal blue shade can reportedly change from the jewel-toned bright royal blue to a rich cobalt, based on the ability of the smartphone to capture light.