Genetically Modified Chickens Lay Eggs Which Can Combat Cancer And Hepatitis

In the era of biotechnology, different things like potatoes, sheep are genetically modified to combat various disorders. Now the Japanese researchers have come with modified chickens which can combat dangerous disorders including cancer and hepatitis. This initiative will lower down the cost of treatment thereby making it affordable to the local people.

Cancer and hepatitis are one of the major killers claiming a life of many people globally. As egg consumption is thought to be healthy and their affordability can help in fighting these diseases. Present cancer and hepatitis drugs and treatments are costly due to which a large number of people cannot afford them. Hence these genetically modified chickens can help in fighting these disorders.

Basically, these genetically modified chickens, are prepared by injecting interferon beta drug. This drug is a protein which can effectively combat malignant cells that can cause skin cancer and hepatitis. There are different types of cancer and skin cancer is a most common form of cancer.

The genetically modified chicken eggs can generate this protein which can lower down the price of cancer and hepatitis drugs. Hence if these dangerous disorders are detected at early stage, then it will help the individuals to combat its fatal impacts.

During the study, the researchers injected the interferon beta protein into the genes of chicken sperms. Later on, when these eggs were fertilized, they reproduced the genetically modified chickens with interferon beta protein in their body. Furtherly these hens were able to lay eggs that were able to fight against cancer and hepatitis.

This research is currently at the initial stage and further research is needed in this field. The researchers plan to sell this drug to the pharmaceutical firms which can help them in research. This drug can reduce the cost of cancer and hepatitis drugs by 10%.

More research study is needed to elaborate the characteristics of these eggs and ensure its safety. Even in past, many research study has shown the impact of genetically modified animals which have medicinal properties. Chicken eggs are one of the efficient ways to produce drugs as it is cheap and easily available.

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