iOS 11 Rolls Out Emergency SOS Feature By Disabling Touch ID For Unlocking Your iPhone Device

The iOS 11 which is about to release soon will bring many changes and new features which will be extremely beneficial to the iPhone users. The whole new features to the iOS 11 will help the users to directly place a call to the emergency service 911 by clicking the power button in succession for 5 times. This will definitely help the users who are in need and need quick access to the emergency services.

While the iPhone users are dialing the emergency code the touch ID feature will be disabled at that moment. All these features are expected to be seen in the upcoming iPhone 8 device. This security feature will help the users who are being forced to unlock their device using fingerprint so as to gain unauthenticated access. The interested users can enable this feature directly through their iPhone settings.

iOS 11 Rolls Out Emergency SOS Feature By Disabling Touch ID For Unlocking Your iPhone Device

Once the user clicks the lock or power button subsequently for 5 times, the emergency SOS feature will pop up which will provide three options to the users namely power off option, medical ID option and Emergency SOS option. At this time when this menu is popped up; the Touch ID feature of the iPhone will be disabled for that particular time.

Until now there was no option provided to the users to disable the Touch ID feature unless the user enters the wrong passcode or tries to unlock the device using the wrong fingerprint. Hence the new feature of tapping the power button for 5 subsequent times will help them to temporarily disable the Touch ID feature.

The main aim behind the launch of this feature is to help users who are in an emergency situation and who are forced to unlock their iPhone so that the attacker can gain unauthorized access and circumvent the user’s device. Although the feature may have limited applications it can effectively prevent the robbery and private data from being compromised by the attacker.

It is also expected that by disabling the Touch ID feature on a temporary basis the Face ID feature will be activated. However, nothing is confirmed yet and what all perks will be brought to iOS 11 remains to be seen.