Well, consumption of painkiller is increasing day by day in today’s evolving world, especially in youngsters. However, in some situations, it is ok., taking painkiller but not always. Painkiller can make you feel relief at that particular time, but this can have an adverse effect on one’s health. A study done on the US kids, wherein the number of patients especially kids are ending up in intensive care units due to an overdose of painkiller that is included in the medication or other opioids.

Between 2004 and 2015, the number patients including children and teens doubled due to overdose of opioid and were admitted to paediatric intensive care unit as per the researchers. This might be because of teenagers who have purposely been abused by this drugs and, in kids this can be accidentally gotten hold of these drugs.

However, reports say that around 2.4 million Americans, have an opioid use disorder which includes abuse of prescription painkillers such as OxyContin, Vicodin as well as heroine an illegal drug. Anyways, the main focus is on the adults, children are the second victims to be noticed, Kane added.

Moving ahead, as per the recent studies the rising number of teenagers and children mostly dependent on opioids were found in emergency rooms. While, in 2013, per day around 135 kids reported positively towards opioid dependence in the nation’s emergency rooms.

Moreover, a study was conducted on the most serious overdose cases at pediatric intensive care unit admission, some of them had respiratory problem wherein ventilator was required. While, in some cases due to extremely low blood pressure, need for medication to increase the level of blood pressure was required.

Furthermore, investigation was done based on the records of 31 children’s hospital from the US. Well, above 3,600 children and teenagers were admitted for opioids overdose and 43 percent were taken to ICU. However, if we compare the counts, the number of kids for the year 2004-2007 was 367, that went up to 643 between 2012 and 2015, this showed an increase in ICU admission due to opioid. Most of them were teenagers, and one-third of children below 6 who had unknowingly got their hands on such medications, Kane said. Nearly, 2 percent children died due to overdose.

Overall, as per the research, parents are to be blamed for such situation, for not having chats with their kids as well as always underestimating, that gives bad impact on their children, especially older kids. In addition, parents have to keep an eye on the kids before going for any prescription opioids as well as avoid their kids from taking any extra painkiller pills.